February Lockdown Specials – B


This February Workshop consists of music, pdf-files and a usage guide. The files are ready to be played on any device, including computers, phones, smart TVs, music systems or any other device.



Music for Health’s leading-edge research resulted in unique, specially made for purpose, interactive workshops. These workshops have over the past 15 years, proved themselves to be extremely effective, involving Residents on all levels, in Homes of all classifications, in an ongoing and cumulative way. Today over 30,000 Residents throughout the UK are helped every month.

Each and every Resident is encouraged to participate from the start, but for the more withdrawn individual ‘participating’ at first can mean a tapping of the toes or fingers. It is a fundamental part of the ‘Music for Health’ method that each individual’s progression is of their own volition, and is therefore well earned and not so easily lost.